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10 Ways to Accessorize with Food Slideshow

10 Ways to Accessorize with Food Slideshow

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While it may not behoove you to string fleshybroccoli to your bag, there are plenty of fun ways to make your purse gourmet. If you’re a crafty food lovers, then up-cycle your favorite food labels into a nifty changepurse. Looking for something of the wristlet variety? Old soda labels can be woven into a brandedpurse that will make friends jealous and environmentalists proud.

Design Tip: To incorporate real food into your bag, befriend the hot glue gun! Find a fabric purse to accessorize with anise stars, dried fruits, and even hardened sugar cookies — even bottle caps and wine corks could be of use in your next ensemble.


Sweet and unarguably good to eat, candy is in the running for greatest source for joy in the world. Candyiswellrepresentedinfashion, but there is no reason why the treat itself can’t be the most fabulous part of your wardrobe. With an ear post, some glue, and protective lacquer, your favorite candies become cutesystuds! If you’re wary of direct skin-to-candy contact, tryencasingyourfavoritesprinkles in plastic cases and make funky rainbow posts.

Design Tip: If the idea of wearing candy is too sweet for you, take beads and cover them in your favoritewrapper for a simply saccharine look.


When you were young, the only ring you dreamed of was on a plastic disc fitted with an inch of flavored taffy. While it’s not fashionable to snack on your finger decorations, that is no reason to ignore incredible, "edible" fashion. For a natural look, turn to the unique taguanut for a handcrafted piece of jewelry unlike any other. TheIndianBetelNut ring is a beautiful representation of food and fashion, carved from a real nut.

Design Tip: For the super food fan, an incognito nut won’t be enough to represent your true love. Etsy’s FingerFoodDelight page has dishes upon dishes of favorite foods that you can sport to fit your mood. After all, who needs a solitaire diamond when you have a piece of cake to show off?


When the holidays arrive, you don’t hesitate to deck the halls with strings of popcorn and rustic anise stars. Be festive every day and create a beautiful bangle to complement any outfit. Coffeebeans strung with an elastic band will accent any fall getup with earthy color and smooth texture. Don’t forget that any dried product can be easily converted into an adorable bracelet, like cranberries, anise stars, or hard candy.

Design Tip: Since leather cuffs are all the rage this season, make them all your own by simply adding a few coloredbeans to them with your trusty hot glue gun.


Spaghetti certainly would not make a sturdy belt, but there are ways to glam up your waist with foodstuffs. Combine string beans or dried fruits with colored hemp for a tasteful look to your jeans or your cotton dress. For a more subtle look, accessorize just the belt buckle with candy sprinkles and adhesive.

Design Tip: When making your DIY fashion belt, don’t forget to up-cycle. A perfectly personal touch would be to stud your belt with various bottlecaps. Save them from parties or drinks you’ve had on travels, and you’ll have a fashionable keepsake accessory soon enough.

Hair Clips

In most cases, you are trying to keep food out of your little ones’ hair, but this twist on a Pinterest find is an exception to the rule. Take any favorite ribbon (or yarn if you’re crafty) and fashion yourself a bow. Accent the knot with a singlepieceofcandy that matches the color. Even candy wrappers with some bobby pins could turn into adorable hair accessories.

Design Tip: Always keep your food and fashion in season. Whether it’s peanut clusters for baseball season in spring or pumpkin seeds when autumn leaves arrive, be sure to be with the times no matter the time of year.


Food and feet come together for only two reasons: wine and fashion. With your favorite colored flats and an appropriately sized stem, your feet can look like your favorite fruit or veggie — just look at these adorable eggplantshoes! Try enhancing the look with the appropriate dried seeds or painted details.

Design Tip: If you crave food-on-foot contact that’s loud and proud, turn to your favorite textured food into a showy accent. Spray-paint noodles for a wackywheelshoe or line your kicks with a mixture of dried products to make your pumps pop!


As kids, we rock strawberry-shapedsunglasses or brightly colored shades with pride. Sophisticate your inner child with colored sprinkles and dip freshly glued frames right into them. Be sure to protect your candy-coated look: Apply a protective layer of glue, so the sun doesn’t melt away your hard work.

Design Tip: When it comes to accessorizing protective wear with food, the unwritten fashion rule of "less is more" couldn’t ring truer. To be safe, shoot the corners of your frames with hot glue, then apply parts of your favorite food or spice.


To stay in the shade and in season, glam up your favorite hat with a bit of your favorite dish. While it’satadextreme to completely cover your head in cuisine, the simple marriage of color and creative stems will make for subtle but noticeable style.

Design Tip: Only hint at your food passion. Sprigs of a favorite herb could brighten up the band, or cluster your favorite colored, dried food to craft a faux broach.


For moms across America, the net worth of macaroni frames and necklaces gifted from their kids is unequivocally higher than any precious stone. (Spouses: not as cute coming from you.) But if you’d like to take macaroni art to the next level, make yourself some versatile noodle necklaces. Acrylic paint, sealant, and colored hemp can provide hours of fun and a gorgeouspieceofjewelry.

Design Tip: If you’re looking for a more naturalstyle, then use tri-colored noodles and beading wire to create an earthy look.