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leaf cake

I made half with cocoa and half white

for the white one: I mixed flour, baking powder and cocoa in a bowl

I separated the egg white from the yolk, I beat the egg white with a salt powder, I rubbed the yolks with the sugar and the vanilla sugar, I added the oil little by little forming a sweet mayonnaise, then I added water and I mixed

I added flour mixed with baking powder and cocoa and after I mixed well I added the beaten egg whites, stirring lightly until incorporated

I baked 2 separate sheets in the oven heated to the right heat

I did the same with the white one, only I replaced the cocoa with flour

cream 1

I hydrated the gelatin in 3 tablespoons of water

I mixed the yogurt with the syrup and sugar, I beat the whipped cream

I took a few tablespoons of yogurt and mixed them with melted gelatin on a steam bath, then I added it to the whole composition, I mixed well, I added whipped cream and I homogenized the composition

cream 2

I melted the chocolate on a steam bath

I beat the whipped cream then I added melted chocolate mixing for homogenization

cream 3

I mixed the mascarpone with the syrup and sugar then I added the whipped cream and I mixed it


I caramelized the sugar a little, I added water and after the sugar melted well I put out the fire and I added the rum essence and lemon peel

I let it cool


I put a sheet of cocoa, I syruped, I spread cherries on the counter I put yogurt cream, white countertop, syrup, ganache cream, white countertop, syrup, cherries, mascarpone cream and I finished but cocoa syrup countertop

I covered everything in powdered sugar butter, then I covered it with sugar paste, I made a circle printed on top of chocolate plasticine mixed with sugar paste, I put the track bouquet and I decorated it with royl icing on the edge

A delight cake by the way which I recommend.