Stinging nettle pilaf

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Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


The nettles are cleaned of the tails and then washed in a lot of water until the water stays clean by washing them with your hand in the water and not straining them to keep the sand at the bottom. Put them in a pot of water to boil for a few minutes and if you want, then pass them through ice water so that the nettles stay green. Cook the chopped onion and crushed garlic, add the rice and then the chopped nettles. Add spices and add the juice from the cooked nettles. Let the rice swell and let it fall in the oven. It is good both hot and cold

Nettles - 13 recipes

Who doesn't know what a nettle looks like? Due to its protective property - "nettle" - even children are protected from it. However, it is the plant richest in vitamins and has beneficial effects in spring. Fresh nettle tea relieves coughs and cleanses the bronchi and lungs.

Nettle tea was previously used to cleanse the stomach and kidney disease, being a good diuretic.

Nettle roots have a greater healing power. They can be used, either green in summer or dry in winter. It is recommended in case of accumulation of water in the tissues.
Nettles prepared as food or stew are very effective for cleansing the blood. It is used to feather and sting nettles. Those suffering from chronic rheumatism should apply nettles to the painful place and will find relief.

Nettles are eaten only in spring (from March to May), when they are young. From nettles, use only the top of the vines (5-7 cm) and all the related leaves. It is checked in detail, so that it does not have hairs (from the animals that pass through them), then it is washed in a bowl with a lot of water, shaking with a wooden spoon, so that the fine sand glued to them comes off. Remove from the water with a strainer and wash in 4-5 waters, until no sand remains in the last water. Then take a bunch of nettles in your hand covered with a rubber glove or a nylon bag, so as not to sting (the young ones sting very little) and cut into 4-5 slices.

Nettles will reduce their volume a lot when boiled, so boil them in a little water, when it is not used for some preparations (500 g-1 kg nettles boil in 500 ml of boiling water for about an hour or in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes in 300 ml of water). Nettles have a lot of cellulose, so they need to be cooked more.

When they are prepared in the form of pilaf, the rice is extinguished in the water in which they boiled, in the soup they are put directly in the boiling water with which they are prepared. The first water is not thrown away, because with it the mineral substances that have dissolved in it are thrown away. The water in which they boiled can be added to any soup, if it is not used in that preparation.

Well-cooked nettles can be stored in nylon bags in the freezer, just like lettuce, used for soup, pilaf, mashed potatoes, food.


We clean the nettles from the tails (they will sting you a little but it does well) and we wash them in a lot of water until the water remains clean without traces of sand or earth.
Boil 2 liters of water with a little salt. When the water boils, immerse the nettles and let them boil for 15 minutes. We take them out in a strainer with a spatula.

Heat in a saucepan the onion and the sliced ​​carrot until they become glassy, ​​put 4 cups of water over them. Taking into account the proportion of 1 cup of rice to 4 cups of water. When the water boils, add the rice, salt and pepper. Stir a few times from the edge of the pan to the inside and let the rice boil.
When it is tied we cut the nettles and put them on top.

Mix lightly and the preparation is ready.
Hot or cold is a healthy lunch.

Nettles & # 8211 Top 10 recipes to try this spring

Consumption of nettles can bring multiple benefits to the body, through the content of vitamins and minerals of these miracle plants. Here are 10 recipes with delicious nettles, worth trying.

Common nettles have been used for hundreds of years as medicinal plants, but also in recipes full of flavor. Preparations with nettles are made in the spring, to fully enjoy the properties of this plant so accessible to all.

Nettle pilaf

Nettle pilaf from: nettles, onions, oil, rice, salt, pepper.


  • 1/2 kg raw nettles
  • 2 onions
  • 3-4 tablespoons oil
  • 1 cup rice
  • salt
  • pepper

Method of preparation:

The nettles are cleaned and washed in several waters to remove any traces of sand. Then boil over high heat to boil in salted water. When ready (15-20 minutes) remove from water and chop larger.

Separately, in a 2-3 L pan, lightly fry the onion. When the onion has turned yellow, add the rice, which in turn is lightly fried (until it starts to turn yellow).

At that time add the nettles, fill the liquid with 1-2 glasses of the juice in which the nettles were boiled, add salt and pepper. Keep it in the oven, on the right heat, for about 25-30 minutes, until the rice boils.

The pilaf can be served hot (but not hot), or cold, with lettuce or vegetables.

Monk Pilaf: The most tasty fasting pilaf

Pilaful is a fasting food that is prepared quickly and can be very tasty. Even if it is fasting, it does not mean that it cannot have a wealth of delicious tastes. Here's how to make a monastic fast:


2 tablespoons vegetable oil


Cut all the vegetables into pieces. Wash the rice.

In the pot in which you prepare the monk's pilaf, pour the oil, then fry the onion, bell pepper and garlic if you put it. After two minutes, add the rest of the vegetables, then the spices.

Add the washed rice over the vegetables and sauté it a little, stirring constantly, for 2-3 minutes.

Pour water over all the ingredients and leave the pot on low heat for 30-40 minutes - until the rice is completely soft, but not porridge.

If you are still looking for a fasting recipe, we also recommend rice with vegetables

Nettle food

Nettles have leaves completely covered with small, sharp silicon spikes. They are hollow on the inside, but basically have formic acid and histamine & # 8211 substances responsible for the burning sensation, as well as acetylcholine & # 8211 substance responsible for the burning sensation. These substances have a strong effect on the nerves in the skin, which it deeply irritates, as shown by Freedom for Women.

Nettle food is a delicious and healthy way to "take revenge" on nettle bites. In combination with garlic, it will show you that healthy food does not have to be bland in taste and boring.

Here is a simple recipe to prepare nettle food.

  1. Wash the nettles well, using some gloves, to avoid their stings. After you have cleaned them of any traces of impurities, scald them in a bowl of water that has boiled with salt.
  2. Let the nettles boil for five minutes.
  3. Finely chop the onion and garlic cloves.
  4. When the nettles have boiled, drain them of water and chop them finely & # 8211 either with a knife or with a blender or food processor. Keep a cup of the water in which they boiled.
  5. In a pan, fry the onion in oil until translucent.
  6. Add the chopped nettles, a tablespoon of flour and chopped garlic.
  7. Add salt to taste and a cup of water in which the nettles were boiled.
  8. Stir continuously so that the bottom food does not stick.
  9. It is ready when the composition thickens. Serve hot nettle food with rice, polenta, eggs or chicken.
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Nettle pilaf with leurda

At the end of the week In the past, I finally managed to get to the square, from where I left with bags full of loboda, nettles, leurda and green onions. We would be new meat eaters, but we couldn't resist such an enticing offer. I first made loboda soup and nettle puree, then I made, from a part of leurda, a leurda pesto (I planned it for some spaghetti with leurda pesto and cherry tomatoes, as well as for other goodies, which I am going to reveal to you in the coming days). But I kept a connection of leurda and for a delicious nettle pilaf with leurda, a dish that combines, from my point of view, two of the & # 8220herbs & # 8221 pleasant to me, it is very healthy and low in calories. Basque, it's fasting (not that we are fasting, but I am convinced that among you, the visitors of the blog, there are enough who respect the order).

The pilaf can be made on the stove or in the oven and is very good both hot and cold. If you are not fasting, you can serve it as a garnish (for example, next to a pork or chicken schnitzel). If you can't find leurda, although it is plentiful in the markets during the nettle season, you can replace it with 3-4 cloves of garlic. Compared to them, leurda has a more subtle and fresher aroma, but, well, the man has to adapt :).

Ingredients (for 6 servings):
& # 8211 nettles 500 g (cleaned)
& # 8211 pilaf rice 250 g
& # 8211 green onion 2 bundles (150 g)
& # 8211 leurda 1 bind (50 g)
& # 8211 4 tablespoons oil (ideal, olive)
& # 8211 green parsley 1 link
& # 8211 salt, ground pepper

Start by cleaning the nettles of the intruders (sticks, grass, etc.) and remove the hard stalks. It's a painstaking operation, so be patient: P. When you have finished cleaning them, wash them very, very well, in several waters and in turn (2-3 hands of nettles at a time), until the water remains perfectly clean. Drain them in a colander. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Put about 1.5 liters of boiling water in a tall pot. When the water boils, immerse the nettles (they will soften instantly). Let them boil for about 15 minutes, then remove them with a whisk and blend them with a blender, to turn them into a fine puree. Keep the water in which the nettles boiled! Heat the oil in a saucepan and sauté the green onions (cut into slices). Put the rice and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add the nettle puree.

Pour 3 cups of water in which the nettles were boiled and mix. Add the finely chopped leurda, season with salt and add a little ground pepper. Sprinkle with chopped green parsley and put in the hot oven. Leave for about 35 minutes, checking that the liquid has not dropped too quickly (in which case fill with a little water from the one in which you boiled the nettles). The pilaf is ready when the rice is well cooked and there is no juice in the pan at all. The pilaf is good warm, but also better cold (in my opinion).

Cherry cake

mix the yolks with the oil like a mayonnaise and put in the fridge until we beat the egg whites.

Fruit cake.

The worktop is made according to the general method. Divide into three sheets, syrup and fill with

Painted eggs

You take the eggs very well with warm water and detergent and rinse them just as well. You put it there

Stinging nettle pilaf - a perfect combination for chicken and lamb

  • Stinging nettle pilaf (Maria Baciu / Epoch Times) Stinging nettle pilaf
  • Young nettles are chosen (Maria Baciu / Epoch Times) Young nettles are chosen
  • Preparation of ingredients (Maria Baciu / Epoch Times) Preparation of ingredients
  • Leek harden, add grated carrot and pepper (Maria Baciu / Epoch Times) Leek harden, add grated carrot and pepper
  • Add the chopped nettles (Maria Baciu / Epoch Times) Add the chopped nettles
  • Add the boiled rice and season. Good appetite! (Maria Baciu / Epoch Times) Add the boiled rice and season. Good appetite!

This light pilaf recipe is a delicious dish, being a perfect combination for chicken or lamb steak.


  • 500 g young nettles
  • a leek root (or onion)
  • ½ red pepper
  • 1 grated carrot
  • 100 g oil
  • a cup of rice
  • salt pepper

Method of preparation :

Young nettles are cleaned of stalks, washed well in several waters, scalded and finely chopped.

The leek is cut into thin slices, and washed well, to remove any grains of sand hidden among the leaves, fry in oil, add the grated carrot and diced pepper, then the nettles and cook together for a few more minutes.

Boil the rice separately in salted water. After boiling, add over nettles. Salt and pepper to taste.