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WATCH: Jamie Oliver Parody an Angry Taylor Swift

WATCH: Jamie Oliver Parody an Angry Taylor Swift

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Jamie Oliver + a Taylor Swift parody is a winning combination.

What do Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift have in common? Why, they both love to donate to Stand Up for Cancer of course! Not to mention both T. Swift and the Naked Chef can cut a mean dance routine. The duo have created a hilarious video for Stand Up to Cancer in which they challenge each other to a bake-off, and Jamie Oliver does a spot-on baking themed-parody of Swift’s new single, “Shake it Off” called “Bake it Off.” Throughout the video, Taylor does a convincing faux-angry look of disgust and repeatedly calls Oliver by the wrong name.

It’s all in fun though, and Oliver does a pretty amazing cake-themed parody including the amusing chorus: “Sweet tooth is going to ache, ache, ache, ache, ache / Got my chocolate cake, cake, cake, cake, cake / My kitchen’s going to stain, stain, stain, stain, stain / Bake it off, bake it off.”

At this, Taylor proceeds to cover her ears and roll her eyes. See who wins the bake-off in the video below, and contribute to the Stand up to Cancer charity yourself here.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi

Watch the video: bake it off..! (May 2022).